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Sourcing High-Quality Costumes For All Occasions Since 2007

"We've Got You Covered!" with a full-range of high-quality costumes, specialized fashions appropriate for school mascots, theatrical wardrobes, and costumes for all seasons. If you are serious about your garb, Costume Fashions can make your search easy.

The Product Lines We Represent Include:

  • Can-Can Dancers
    Since the 1840s when the Can-Can dance became popular in the French music halls and later in the cabarets. Today the Can-Can dancer costume is still sexy and stylish -- retaining a bawdy, suggestive element.
  • Characters
    Quality costumes representing recognizable and endearing characters from movies, television, and the performing arts.
  • Disney Costumes
    Costume Fashions looks for high-quality Officially Licensed Disney costumes that are extremely popular with both parents and children.
  • Fursuit and Mascot Costumes
    Costume Fashions strives to find quality mascot costumes useful for a variety of purposes.  We include the hugely popular Fursuit Costumes within this category.
  • Pirates of the High Seas
    Hollywood has embellished the crew and women evolving into some of the great costumes available for Halloween, theme parties, and costume conventions.
  • Renaissance Costumes
    Renaissance costumes are created for all ages and run from the simple to highly sophisticated fashions of the Lords and Ladies. Dress up for your next costume ball, Renaissance Faire, or Halloween with high-quality clothes from top manufacturers.
  • Roaring '20s - Thouroughly Modern Costumes
    The flapper was an example of the prevailing conceptions of women and her role during the Roaring 1920s. Costume Fashions offers the best Flapper and Gatsby costumes inspired by this era.
  • Southern Belle Antebellum Fashion
    Be part of this exclusive club with our selection of high-quality Southern Belle costumes that exemplify the Southern hospitality rooted in flirtatious, elegance and beauty.
  • Star Wars
    Quality costumes from the Star Wars series of movies starting with Star Wars IV A New Hope in 1977.
  • Steampunk Costumes
    The mixture of modern styles with Victorian era influences makes the Steampunk Costume a unique and popular choice for Halloween and Theme Parties.
  • Superhero Costumes
    Superhero Costumes, likely the most popular costume genre, encompasses a wide variety of talented characters, the supernatural, superhuman and aliens. Often colorful and intricate in design, the comic conventions and costume balls are filled with some of the most extraordinary costumes, accessories, and props.
  • Theatrical Costumes
    Theatrical costumes are high-end quality costumes or ensembles that are made to be worn multiple times.
  • Vampire Costumes
    The vampire, considered one of the preeminent figures of the classic horror film, has proven to be a rich subject for the movie and costume fashion industries. Costume fashions features both Vampire and Vampiress Costume of quality.

Costumes are often an extension of your ego. Why would you wear something off the racks of a large discount store when you can own quality attire that you would proudly wear at the next costume convention. Wear an ensemble that makes you feel great, not cheap. Your selection awaits you at Costume Fashions.

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